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1. Do you offer QUANTITY DISCOUNTS?  Yes - on some items.  We try to bulk price our items from the start.  This way you get a quantity (bulk) discount, even if you only order one (1) item. On items that we can’t bulk price from the start but can sell with a quantity discount have the bulk discounted prices available in the drop-down menu above the add to cart button.  When ordering - choose the quantity you need. For example: If you need 100 of an item, and the highest bulk priced pkg available is a pack of 25 - then there is no additional discount for ordering more than 25 - so you’ll simply order 4 packs of 25.  If there is not a choice for quantity amounts (with a drop-down menu), then chances are this particular item has either already been bulk priced from the start, or cannot be bulk discounted (like our vinyl).  If you have any further questions, please EMAIL US.

2. Why are there no quantity discounts on your vinyl decals?  Our normal everyday pricing on vinyl is
already discounted.  So most of the time, no bulk discount is available on vinyl decals.  However, if you have a question, or a special situation, please EMAIL US.

3. How long does it take to get my order?  That depends on the shipping method you choose during checkout.  If you choose Standard Shipping, you will receive your order in 1-2 weeks.  If you choose Priority Shipping, you *usually* receive your order in 2-5 days.  One note on Priority shipping: Since we rely on third parties to ultimately deliver your orders to you, we only have control on how long it takes us to ship your order.  On most Priority shipments, your order is shipped within a day or two of when we receive it, however, the shipping company used may take their time getting your shipment to you - we have no control over this.  LDS Sunshine recommends that you order items that you need for a special event - where the date has been set, and it cannot be changed - at least 3 weeks in advance.  We do not ship overnight.

4. How are out of stock items handled? It is rare that items are out of stock, but occasionally it does happen.  USA ORDERS: We will ship what we have, and backorder the rest.  These out of stock items will ship to you as soon as they are back in stock (which is usually 1-2 weeks).
INTERNATIONAL ORDERS: Due to the cost of shipping internationally, we WILL NOT ship an order until everything is in stock.  If you order something that is currently out of stock, we will wait and ship your order complete.  This means, in some cases, you may not receive your order until up to ONE MONTH after it was placed (because of international shipping times, and waiting for items to get in stock).  Please be advised that this is rare, but does happen.  We usually DO NOT contact you if items you ordered are out of stock.  If you want to check on your order, please email us.

5. I ordered with Priority shipping and it still took almost a week to have my order shipped.  What happened?  On occasion, we are out of stock of an item that is ordered using Priority shipping.  If this is the case, these out of stock items are usually on their way to us - and as soon as they arrive, we then ship these out according to the order that orders were received for them - with the Priority orders being shipped first.  So, yes, on occasion, even Priority orders take longer to ship.  This is why we always recommend ordering time sensitive items at least 3-4 weeks in advance.

6. Do you guarantee Priority shipping orders will be received within 2-5 days of when order is placed?  No, we do not guarantee this - as on occasion we will have items that are out of stock and on backorder - but we work very hard and do our best to make sure Priority shipment orders are shipped before Standard Shipment orders.

7.   Do you have order tracking so I can check the status of my order?  No, we do not have this service available.  You will receive an email (from PayPal - see question #8) with a shipping tracking number as soon as your order has shipped. However, you can always email us with any questions you have.

8.   Why is PayPal the only method you use for payments?  Yes, we do only use PayPal as our credit card processing company. This is because they are one of the top rated companies for online security and safety when handling your financial information.  LDS Sunshine *never* sees your financial information.  This is all stored with PayPal and is never shared with us.  This also makes it impossible for us to do “unauthorized” payments from your account - keeping your financial information safe!  ** Please note: Since our shopping cart is via PayPal, all correspondents (order receipts, order confirmations, shipping information) about your order will come from PayPal (not LDS Sunshine). Sometimes these emails end up in a spam folder.  So, if you have placed an order, and do not see an order confirmation, please check your spam folder. Also - if you haven’t received your order after two weeks and need to know where it is, please EMAIL us.  DO NOT open a dispute with PayPal.  We are more than happy to answer your questions.  Opening a dispute with PayPal locks your order so it cannot be shipped until the dispute is closed - delaying your order even more.  So, if you have ANY questions, concerns, praises, complaints, please EMAIL US DIRECTLY.

9A.   I need to make a return; why do I only have 3 days to do so?  We have a 3-day return policy for several reasons.  #1 - We feel that you are an informed consumer - and know that LDS Sunshine has a reputation of quality products.  #2 - We try to thoroughly explain and show each of our products helping you be an informed consumer of each and every item you purchase from LDS Sunshine.  And #3 - since we are a small business, we cannot afford to have an open return policy like the big box stores.  You do have, however, 3 days to inspect your products.  We only sell the highest quality products made by very reputable companies, therefore, have the highest confidence that you will be fully satisfied with your purchase.  If you are not satisfied, you do have 3 days to notify us that you need to make a return or exchange.  After this time, no returns/exchanges can be made.  **Please note: We do not accept returns on any vinyl.  We cut your vinyl after you order it, in the size and color you choose.  Since vinyl was made to order - to your specifications - we cannot accept returns on it. We hope you understand. If you have a question pertaining to you individually and your situation, please email us.

9B. Please be aware - if shipping takes longer than expected by third party delivery companies (USPS or FedEx) we CANNOT accept returns on these items due to you receiving them later than you expected, or missed an event because of shipping delays.  We are not responsible for how third parties handle and timely deliver your packages to you - we have NO CONTROL over this.  We are sorry your packages arrived late, but really it was not our fault.
We do, however, accept returns/exchanges on goods that were damaged in shipment (which is rare, but does occasionally happen).  In this case, please email us as soon as possible so we can get replacements sent. For more information on shipping, please see our shipping page.

10. Is this a full business or a home-based business?  I would call it a full business based out of a home.  I am just one person trying to provide a great resource to an LDS audience.  So, occasionally, I will be slow on shipping orders because of, you know, life, so please be patient with me.  But I pride myself on being a professional business and try everyday to meet the needs of my customers and to keep you happy, so you will return to my site! I love my customers - I have met some wonderful people because of what I do.  I love what I do and plan to be here for many, many more years.

11. Occasionally you close for several days, sometimes 1-2 weeks at a time, why?  Since this is a home-based business, a few times a year we need to close to catch our breath, per say.  However, during these times, you can still order since it is online, available 24/7 - but those orders will not ship until we “open” again.

12. I want to order some of your vinyl, but I don’t know what colors you have. You can see our vinyl colors HERE.

13. I have some questions about your vinyl lettering and decals, where can I get some answers?
We have a FAQs page set up just for vinyl questions.  CLICK HERE.

14.  Do you sell your items wholesale to retail stores?  Some of them.  If you are a retail store and are
interested in selling our products, please EMAIL US letting us know who you are and which products you are interested in. We price many of our products at or below wholesale prices for our customers. The retail prices
for a store will differ from what we sell them for here.


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1. Do your charms come with a split ring? YES!  All of our charms come with a split ring attached to it
so you can attach the charm to a bracelet, necklace, zipper pull, etc.

2. Why are the charms different prices? Different designs cost more or less. But, no matter the price,
you’ll find that our charm prices are hard to beat!!

3. Do you offer quantity discounts on your charms?  Not anymore.  You now get
the lowest price - even if you only order one charm.

4. I’m looking for a charm you do not have.  Can you get it?  If we do not have a charm
you are looking for, email us.  We may be able to get it.

5. Are your charms safe? Yes. All of our charms are compliant and conform to the standards
set forth by the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA). They are small, so they do pose a choking hazard to small children and pets. Be a smart consumer, and keep them away from the little ones.

6. I’ve had my charms for a while now - they are changing colors.  Why?? Like most metals, our charms
will tarnish and change colors slightly, over time - especially when exposed to direct sunlight. For example - we had one of our silver owl charms on a window seal.  It turned a light gold after about 2 months. This is pretty normal for metal jewelry.  One way to help prevent this is to store your charms, bracelets, necklaces, etc... in a plastic zip top bag. It’s also recommended that you do not get our charms, jewelry, necklaces, etc... wet. Doing so will shorten the time they look their best.  Our charms are mostly pewter; some with a zinc coating.  (They are not sterling silver - this is how we can keep our prices low - sterling silver items would be roughly 10x the cost).





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